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'So who is this CTA?'
The CHRISTIAN TELEVISION ASSOCIATION is a group of Christians with a God-given vision to share the great news of Jesus Christ through the medium of television - in a relevant way for today's audience. Our vision is that many will use our programmes to reach out to people who might not think of going to church, or may seem indifferent to the Gospel. Through video, people's lives can be touched in their own homes.

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Once upon a time Britain was a Christian country. Everyone had some idea of who Jesus was, and understood what it meant to be a Christian, even if they didn't embrace it. Today, on the eve of Christ's 2,000 birthday (humanly speaking) the picture is so different. We can no longer assume those outside the 'church' have any understanding whatsoever of what Christianity is about - or even who Jesus is. 

How do you reach the unreached in our own land? This is what challenged us in the CTA. Well we're not evangelists or preachers, but we are programme makers and so "video"  was the obvious answer. In a TV dominated culture, 'telly' has become the main source of information. Therefore we've embarked upon an ambitious video project tied in with the millennium. Already its rapidly gaining support from school authorities and Church leaders. 

"Who is this Jesus" is the title of the video which was filmed in Israel. It is a 55 minute documentary presented in 3 parts. Russell Boulter from ITV's "The Bill"  presents the production which has been written specifically for the target audience. The objective is to present in a lively, jargon free style, sufficient information about the person of Christ, that anyone watching will know what it means to be a Christian and how to become one. A key part of the video is personal testimony from some well known Christians. 

However, the project's success depends entirely upon Churches and individuals using it. We hope the video will be the focus for a door to door visitation programme in parishes throughout the land. People are more likely to receive and watch a video than read literature or even invite someone into their home. It's hoped that copies of the video can be produced at such a low cost, that churches will be able to buy hundreds to give away. There are numerous other ways such a video can be used - but, the main point is to get it into the hands of those who have no idea who Jesus really is.

For more information contact 
Malcolm Turner at CTA, Wraxall, Bristol. BS48 1PG
Telephone 01275 851222

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