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Two thousand years ago a man who changed the course of history was born. He was a carpenter. As an adult he never travelled more than 60 miles. He was betrayed by one of his 12 followers and executed for crimes he did not commit. Today, in an age of scepticism and materialism there are millions of people from all walks of  life who believe in him - and who claim he has radically changed their lives. His name is familiar to us all - even if only as a swear word. But who is he - Who is this Jesus? 

In this video Russell Boulter seeks to answer this question in a down to earth, no nonsense style. It has been specifically designed to help people with no previous knowledge of Jesus to have a better understanding of who he is. 


Presenter: Russell Boulter

Music: Steven Faux and Andy Butcher

Executive Producer: Malcolm Turner

Written, Directed and Produced
by Crawford Telfer

Duration: 55 minutes


For more information contact  
Malcolm Turner at CTA, Wraxall, Bristol. BS48 1PG 
Telephone 01275 851222

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